"THE PROPOSAL showcases concepts by artists to prospective buyers. PROPOSALS are key steps in the realization process of artwork. the value of a PROPOSAL should become more relevant than the actual price of a purchase."
based on larry newman.


PROPOSALS instead of artworks

the gallery does not exhibit artwork. it presents prototypes of possible artwork.
consequently, THE PROPOSAL fosters dialogue and offers a platform to discuss and debate art and art’s claim to originality. proposals by artist jeremie maret are showcased as well as cooperation projects with local or international artists.

residence in art

experience sleeping in a gallery space

THE PROPOSAL goes beyond conventional gallery concepts. art and hospitality are combined in order to offer a holistic experience with the work on display. art is conveyed in sleep – with beds for guests being part of the gallery concept. time to discuss and an intimate opportunity to experience art for buyers and art lovers alike.


the artist behind THE PROPOSAL

“WHAT ARE WE BUSY ABOUT?”  is the title of the second exhibition at THE PROPOSAL in zurich, the artist expresses the thought of “being busy but not occupied”.
this body of work is an example of the themes and work methods of jeremie maret. for him, art is a withdrawal zone, a noticeable moment of deceleration, and an outlook on our busyness.
the subject of his investigations defines the media and material he works with.
maret sees himself at eye level with the recipient: “art only comes to life at the moment when it is observed”, is his conviction. the result of these observations is decisive for the further process and the work put up for discussion. he therefore also sees himself as a mediator of his own work. it is only when a space and audience is involved that his idea will begin to define itself. intensifying this moment, increasing the willingness to enter into a dialogue, is an important part of the process, according to maret: “only when we allow ourselves to become involved can we actually have an output of veridicality.”

correspondingly his gallery project, THE PROPOSAL, is to be seen as a systematic interplay that allows PROPOSALS to be experienced in the truest sense of the term.

THE PROPOSAL association was founded by jeremie maret, lenny staples and christian weber in july 2011.

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